His 16th Face

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A Sneak Peak at 'His 16th Face'


Christian is the wrong man for Beth to love. Everything about him is forbidden. If he loved her, it would be a crime. If she loved him, she would be overlooking a hundred lies. But she knew when she woke up on a beach in Mexico after years of battling heart disease, that he had risked everything to save her. The past always catches up to him. Hunted, he must change his name and change his face, as if he never even existed. The price of love is unimaginable.


WOW. WOW. I loved it.  I love the ending, in all its vague glory. My interpretation - he loves her as well, right? Only, he shows that under the pretense of his disguise.  Lovely idea, and EXTREMELY well written. Well Done! 

-Anon on fictionpress.com

Ok, that was seriously amazing. I love love love it! There was so much intrigue, and mystery and I want more! Of course, it's more effective because of the ending but boy do I want more about them!

-Aderyn Azula on fictionpress.com 

I love it. Such a wonderful story. I do hope you'd continue it so we'd get to know more about them, especially Christian. Amazingly done! The way you ended it was nice and practically nerve-wracking with all the possibilities and thoughts left hanging, in a beautiful way. But please! Do us a favor and do continue!

-khistiya on fictionpress.com

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Kiss of Tragedy

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Kiss of Tragedy

Juliet Hudson looks like spring. After all, she’s only eighteen years old and attending her first semester of university. Yet, even though Juliet’s eyes are clear and her heart as unspotted as the Virgin Goddess herself, she has her secrets. The least of which is that she loves darkness. Not only does she join an occult club, but she falls head over heels for a man who looks and acts exactly like a vampire. Seth, with his black hair, white skin and three perfect bite marks down the side of his neck. Juliet is convinced he is the vampire of her dreams.


It would be perfect if something strange didn’t happen when they kiss. When his lips touch hers, she’s thrown into a world where violence is normal, romance and danger become the same thing, and where a simple kiss can lead to destruction.

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Hidden Library

The Second Spell Book

Emi's cousin, Veda, is graduating from high school and preparing for a new phase in her life inside her witch's coven.  She's making her plans when Salinger arrives with his new spellbook that is winning the hearts of her relatives and putting her in an awkward spot.  Falling in love with a fellow author was not part of her plan, but she was not counting on Salinger doing so many things to change her mind.  How far is he willing to go in the face of danger to prove to her that his love is real?



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