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Forest Scene


If Diamonds Could Talk Final Cover.jpg

Have you read His 16th Face?

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     I'm getting closer to release day for If Diamonds Could Talk!  I'm going to host a private ARC for those special ink drinkers who have already read His 16th Face.  So, if you have already read His 16th Face and would like to receive a FREE ebook copy of If Diamonds Could Talk for review purposes on the very first day it's available, please joing my ARC team below. 

Synpsis for If Diamonds Could Talk

Beth Coldwell could not be more in love with Christian Henderson.  If only all the terrible things he warned her about hadn't come true.  Now that she is part of his world, she is chained up in a castle on Tombstone Mountain with a steel ring through her ankle.  She's alone, except for the visitors that plague her with questions and demands.  Where's Christian in all of this?  Beth's kidnappers want him as far away from her as possible.

How can she escape?  The answers lie in the Red Forest... a place that needs a serious makeover.

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If I Tie U Down by Stephanie Van Orman Cover_edited.jpg
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Synposis for If I Tie U Down

Shannon and Fletch come from very different worlds.  He's a percussionist who plays with an orchestra and she's a closet vandal who unintentionally breaks men's hearts.  When she accidentally kidnaps Fletch instead of a music producer named Carver Criche, Fletch can't wait to give her a piece of his mind.  After all, she broke his cousin's heart.  He was not expecting to fall for her himself.

Excerpt from If I Tie U Down

    We were not quite at the doorstep. Knowing the traditional nature of what happens on a doorstep at the end of a date, I stopped her a few feet from it and turned her to face me. “I’m not going to have a relationship with you like the ones you’ve had with other men.”

    “Of course not,” she said, matching my level of seriousness.

    “I’m not asking you for anything,” I reiterated.

    She nodded.

    Then I kissed her. I put my hands under the coat she was wearing and for a moment, my hands were all over her back, her waist, her neck, and at that beautiful curve that led to her hips. She kissed me back. Obviously, being the ice queen had not left her very satisfied, but it wasn’t my job to satisfy her that night. In one glorious motion, I stripped the coat from her and the kiss ended.

    She shivered, her arms hugging herself instantly.

    I took a step away from her. “Good night, Shannon.”

    She stuttered a goodbye to me as she stepped onto her doorstep, chilly from the sudden removal of my coat, my body heat, and my presence. It would do her good to finish a night feeling a little chilly. After all, that was what she had done to so many men.

    I slid my coat on and strode away from her with a bounce in my step I hadn’t felt in years. 

Forest Scene
His 16th Face.jpg

Synpsis for His 16th Face

Beth Coldwell should not be in love with Christian Henderson. She's a teenager. He's a grown man. She wished she could care about convention, but she's an orphan dying of heart disease, so she'll be in love with him if she wants to be. After all, she only has a few days to live before a heart-stopping operation she might never wake up from. Besides, he is not in love with her. He feels desperately sorry for her... so sorry that he wants to stand like a fortress between her and death. He swears he can't do anything for her until he gets a taste of her love. Suddenly, he can do anything, inexplicably providing the operation she needs to live. He can do anything... except be in her life.

Excerpt from His 16th Face

   “When you sent me away with no explanation, and deliberately and purposefully cut me out of your life. I was left answering the question of what I had done wrong! I was in hell. I must have replayed those last few days we spent together over and over. Obviously, I should not have kissed you, but I tried to make sure we were alone and even though most people would condemn us because I was a minor under your care, I never once got the sense that you didn’t want to kiss me. It felt like you did.”

    He let his thumb graze his bottom lip as he listened to what I was saying, then he sighed. “That was, without a doubt, the most expensive kiss I have ever had to pay for... I’m still paying for it.”

Neon Spheres
Neon Spheres
Rose Red AGAIN.jpg

Synopsis for Rose Red

You can't buy a girl!


But in the year 2214, you can. She can whip you into shape, design your diet, be your personal stylist, and turn you from geek to chic in just one year.

After buying a model at Sleeping Beauty Inc. your life will never be the same. But what will happen when the model Harrison buys isn't exactly what he bargained for?

Excerpt from Rose Red

    When they put Paige to sleep at Sleeping Beauty Inc., they put her inside a display case looking like a princess. In the manual Paige read that accompanied her delivery, it said that they do this to make the girls feel safe. They dress the girls up in pretty dresses, do their makeup just right, curl their hair, and reveal the effect in one grand motion in front of a gilt mirror. They let the women gaze at their beauty and tell them they are the fairest in the land. Then they lead them down to a special room that has only one glass coffin in it, all the while telling them fairy tales they have known all their lives. It’s a trick to make a woman feel safe, like a little girl on her way to dreamland. Slowly, carefully, they place her inside the coffin, telling them the part of the story where the wicked queen is coming for them and that the only place they will be safe is here, where she will trick the queen into believing she’s dead. They tell her she’s going to have to be brave. Gently, they close the lid on her and flood the chamber with sleeping gas.

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Sleeping Prince.jpg

Synopsis for Sleeping Prince

Set in the deep future, Gage is a pilot transporting models for hire between the Jovian moons.  The girls are sold for a year or two doing everything required of them in their contracts.  Gage is a sold man himself, having sold himself to Sleeping Beauty Inc. until he turns 30, but that might be a while as he spends 26 days out of 30 asleep on his ship.  That is until one of the models he transports, Iona, has a contract for him.  Looking over the contract, he can't believe his eyes.  She can't really mean to buy him!

Excerpt from Sleeping Prince

    Tanya from head office on Ganymede was saying something.  “I’ve just sent you a contract to review.  Have a look at it and get back to me.”  She signed off.

    Gage licked his lips and loaded it onto his main screen.  He’d have to go over it again later with Iona, but he didn’t want to bother her now.  She needed a rest.  She was true to form and feeling sick after pickup.

    Gage looked at the contract with squinted eyes.  What was he looking at?  It was entirely more sexual than the contracts Iona usually entertained.  Why, in the heck, was head office sending this to her?  It wasn’t even for that much money and it was only for three months?  Iona wouldn’t sign a contract like that!  

    He was about to get all snarky and call Tanya back when he realized that he had been reading the contract wrong.  It wasn’t a contract for Iona.  It was a contract for him… and the buyer was Iona.

    He glanced at the door, toward where she was sleeping.  What was going on?

Inside Maze
Behind his Mask Working File.jpg

Synopsis for Behind his Mask: The First Spell Book

Evander is a complete mystery to Sarah until she's given a spell book he authored.  Is he a tortured prince? A bloodthirsty jester?  The owner of the haunted mansion or the man hired to drive the ghosts out? 

Only the book will tell.

Excerpt from Behind his Mask: The First Spell Book

    Walking toward me was Evander. His hair was completely straight and tied back in a low ponytail. It was Evander, except that he looked strange. The expression on his face wasn’t boredom or mild irritation; it was furious indignation. Toward me? What for? I didn’t do anything wrong. I stumbled two steps backward before he stopped in front of me. I grabbed the folds of my skirt and half prepared to curtsy.

    He wore a dark brown leather vest, done up with bronze buckles, and dark wool trousers with heavy boots showing under them. His arms were wrapped in bandages that seemed to be made out of the same material as my dress. They covered both his forearms and his left shoulder. His skin was brown by contrast, but the Evander I knew always had a tan.

    He was angry and it seemed to grow with each passing second. That was why I was so surprised by what he said. “I’m Tremor,” he said – leaving the ‘prince’ part out entirely. “And I want you to know that what happened to you was not part of my plan.”

Pink Bubbles
Hidden Library.jpg

Synopsis for Hidden Library: The Second Spell Book

Emi's cousin, Veda, didn't expect Salinger to fall for her so completely that he was willing to dive into an adventure with needles, crystal balls, spell books, magic circles, and the delicate curtain that separates this world from the next.  

Surely, she's too much trouble.

Excerpt from Hidden Library: The Second Spell Book

    Antony's hands remained where I could see them, but I could have sworn I felt something brush up against my thigh. He was standing apart from me. He couldn't have brushed up against me accidentally. Nor could he have touched me with his hands where I could see them, but the contact continued like two fingers moving up the side of my thigh to my hip.

    "Don't touch me," I hissed with a glare.

    "I'm not touching you," he insisted, holding his hands out where I could see them.

    The feeling did not stop, and I felt a whole hand grasp my waist.

    "I have to go," I said, sweeping the air around me to brush off the invisible fingers. The feeling dispersed as I moved away from the mirror. I grabbed my bag, which was sitting just inside the door.

    He rushed after me. "Wait. Why are you angry?"

    "You know what you did. Trying your magic on me."

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Synoposis for Whenever You Want

Christina didn't want to be an escort!  She didn't want to juggle the egos of different men!  She wanted to get a job and stop escorting, but what was she to do when her favorite client is now her boss?


And he's very attractive. 

Excerpt from Whenever You Want

    Mindy looked at the money that wasn't quite enough and then at Christina before she said, “Your arms looked chapped. Do you want to make some money at something that doesn’t involve elbow-deep boiling water?”

    “But that’s my job,” Christina responded dully, almost on the point of tears.

    “It doesn’t have to be,” Mindy said, dropping the bills Christina gave her on the table like they were nothing. She clicked over to the refrigerator in her high heels and took out a can of tonic water, which she opened noisily before leaning against the wall of their apartment like she was marketing the stuff. “I could take you to work with me, and you’d earn enough to pay your tuition for next semester in a couple weeks, especially since Christmas is coming up. You see, I’m actually—”

    “A hooker?” Christina filled in for her.

    “Escort!” Mindy emphasized. Then she shrugged her shoulders. “It’s not even that bad.”

    “So, you don’t sleep with them?”

    “My clients? Ew! No,” Mindy said, looking repulsed. “Not in a million years. But I do go on dates with guys who need a date for something and don’t have the time or inclination to find a date for themselves."

Dandelion Collage
kissoftragedy (1).jpg

Synopsis for Kiss of Tragedy

Juliet is an innocent university student.  Seth may be a vampire, but that doesn't bother Juliet.  She wants to get wrecked.  When he kisses her, she sees visions of love and death... And she can't wait for him to kiss her again. 

Excerpt from Kiss of Tragedy

    There was an image of the man she loved and his body was bleeding and dying at her feet.  Falling to her knees, she was embracing him—encompassing him with the greatest love she had ever felt.  His face was hidden from her, but it didn’t matter.  She knew him by sense if not by sight.  She was bending over him and kissing him for the last time as she had kissed him thousands of times.  This was to be the last kiss and her heart was overflowing with the intensity of the moment.  Her mouth felt full with blood and she was choking, like someone choking on tears.  She swallowed and with each swallow, she was safeguarding and sealing each one of their sacred memories.

    Then she was kissing Seth.  He was the one from her vision, the one she crushed to her chest and ached to be near.  Nothing made sense except that she loved him and she wanted him.  She tangled her fingers in his hair and drew him even closer, but the smell of blood was strong and she began feeling faint.

    She slipped from his arms and half fell to the floor.  Seth cradled her and lowered her gently until she sat upright on the tile flooring.

    “What happened?” she asked, putting her fingers to her face.  It felt like there was blood dripping from the tip of her nose and dribbling down her chin.

    “I kissed you,” he explained.

    Juliet pulled her hand away, expecting to see her fingers stained with red, but they weren’t.  They were white.  In fact, her face wasn’t even wet.

    "I…?” Juliet began.

    “Kissed me back,” he finished for her.  “You’re a phenomenal kisser, Juliet.  I think I even saw stars.  And I thought you were going to resist me.  Now you’ll never be able to get rid of me.”

    “I don’t want to get rid of you,” she mumbled, still confused about what happened.  

Outdoor Wedding Decorations

Author Description of A Little like Scarlett

A Little like Scarlett: A Partial Autobiography is my book about what my life was like when I was a teenager.  It begins when I was 14 and ends when I was 19.  Hence, it is non-fiction.  Enjoy the scandals, the heartbreak, the triumph, and the humor.  Read it all up!

Excerpt from A Little like Scarlett

    The boy and girl sitting a bit up from me on the raised bleachers were in the same boat, Tamsin and Rob.  I glanced at them shyly.  Not because of Tamsin.  It was Rob.  He was like a unicorn to me since I had no classes with him.  I didn't know him so I couldn't say anything to him, not to mention he had his hands full with Tamsin.

    She was fawning over him something fierce and I had to admit the temptation would have been hard to squelch.  She had a list from the yearbook committee and was asking him all sorts of the same question.  “Who do you think has the best smile?” she asked him, giving him her best grin.

    He looked like he had no idea what she was talking about.  He answered, “I don't know.”

    I wondered if the reason he didn't know was that he skipped an insane amount of school or if the full force of her charm was too much for him and had short-circuited his brain.  Actually, the whole thing was incredibly amusing.  It was like watching a car crash in slow motion, as Tamsin didn’t know she should put on the brakes.

    She pestered him to answer her questions, fishing for him to say that she had the best smile, best butt, best what-have-you.

    She got to the question, “Who has the best eyes?”

    And he looked down at me and said, “Who's that girl?”

    She was less than impressed and snapped her tongue.  “That's Stephanie.”

    “Put her down.”

    And Tamsin obediently wrote my name down.  I couldn't believe it.  If I had been her, I might have refused, but I also sympathized with her at every turn.  Perhaps all she wanted was for him to think she was pretty too.

Red Balls of Fire
The Blood that Flows2.jpg

Synopsis for The Blood that Flows

My sister lives her life looking through rose-colored glasses. It comes from looking at the world through blood... a vampire's gaze. It's a world where everyone wants to drink her blood like she's wine. How much can she give before she flows over? And how many people do I have to kill to make it stop?

Excerpt from The Blood that Flows

    My sister lay motionless on the bed with a glassy look in her eyes. Actually, she hadn’t looked sharp since before she became a vamp, but this expression was more vacant than usual. Her dark hair curled around her white face and she stared off into space like she hardly noticed my arrival.

    I closed the window, locked it, and drew the curtains. Then I went into the bathroom attached to her room and got a bandage to stop her bleeding. Vampire blood didn’t clot at all compared to human blood. After all, a vampire was only two steps from being a corpse. It would take ages for her cuts to close. As I wrapped her wounds, she yanked the blanket out from under her and pulled it over her chest. If she was cold, he must have drunk quite a bit.

    I  shuddered. What had London done to her body and for what? It would take her over a year to close up, even after she stitched herself shut. Sometimes I thought vampires were more like Frankenstein’s monster than Dracula.

    I whispered quietly, “How much has he drunk? A cup? A liter?”


    “Two liters?”

     She averted her eyes.


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Tiny Wishes - Take Three.jpg

Synopsis for Tiny Wishes

Wyn did not want to live with Raif.  He was a player.  Wyn decides that the only way to keep him a reasonable distance away from her is to make him do an unreasonable task every time he wants to speak to her.  Will she be happy if he doesn't do any of them?  How will her life change if he does ALL of them?

Excerpt from Tiny Wishes

    “I'm harmless, I assure you,” Raif said as he closed the closet door. “Nothing funny is going to happen, and hey, maybe having me around will be fun.”

    “What could be fun?”

    “Oh, I don't know. Say you're on a date and end up not liking the guy. At the front door, you tell him off, but he’s not listening. You open the door and he ducks under your arm, only to run into me watching TV. You come in and ask me what I'm doing here when we broke up all those months ago. I say I couldn't stop thinking about you. You appear to gush. Boyo leaves, annoyed and humiliated. You and I smack a high five.”

    Wyn cupped both hands under her face. “That's quite the imagination you have. Never once in my life has a man 'ducked under my arm' or done something I've asked him not to do.”

    Raif scanned the beautiful, yet severe, line of her lips. She had to be telling the truth. As alluring as she was, she was also completely terrifying, and yeah, he bet none of her dates disobeyed her if they wanted a second date. Over her shoulder, he could see the clean sink. For more than one reason, all of her dates would want a second one.

Starry Sky
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Synopsis for The Boy Born with a Key

Once upon a time, a boy was born with a key on a chain around his neck.

No one knew where it came from or what it could unlock...

The Boy Born with a Key is a children's picture book created by Stephanie and Kaitlynn Van Orman.  It's a very special thing when a writer and an illustrator can work together.  It's even better when they're mother and daughter.

Excerpt from The Boy Born with a Key

Key Page 3.jpg

Book Trailers

One of my favorite parts of creating a book is making the book trailer.  I have book trailers on my Youtube channel for all my books.  Please follow my channel to see the newest trailer as soon as they are available.

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You might be curious about the difference between my blog and my newsletter.  In my newsletter, I give specific news about upcoming projects.  It's a different ballgame on my blog where I talk about writing as a craft, including my Letters to Margaret Atwood.  I post author insights over my own work with my take on projects.  I talk about the highs and lows of selling books in person and detailed accounts of my latest endeavors.  Here's a sample:

Dear Margaret Atwood,

    Today as we talk about our unseen selves and the monsters we hide within, we're in a costume store.  It's not like one of those tacky places where both of us would be concerned about contracting an illness placing unfamiliar masks over our faces.  Everything around us is glittery and clean.  We're Canadian girls in our hearts, so we like the fox's pointed faces and the deer horns.  We wonder which one of the masks suits us best as we go from being virginal princesses to devils with a wave of our hands.  I settle on a raccoon face because I have always thought of a raccoon as my spirit animal.  In creating my art, I have always sorted through trash with my hands and broken crabs on the rocks.  I feel a raccoon suits me best with black and white fur outlining my eyes.  You look at everything and decide on nothing.  As a polished author, you've turned yourself into so many things, choosing one when we've no place to wear our costumes seems unnecessary.  You wear all of them at least once.

    I found your observations on this subject most intriguing because I have never thought of the version of myself that writes as something different from the part of me who cleans the toilet.  Sometimes my characters clean toilets.  They come along with me and I go along with them.  They're not real.  I'm imagining them.  I'm alone.  I'm talking to myself and I hear myself.  Sometimes I think I sound stupid.  Sometimes I think I sound mean.  I am the self observing myself, but I can't make my left hand do something my right hand hasn't already done...